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Keico’s Studio T7 @ Paramus, NJ
by appointment only / ご予約お願いいたします。

第 22 回ニューヨークで活躍する日本人・日系人美術家展覧会

the 22nd JAA Art Exhibition of Japanese and Japanese American Artist in New York

May 4 (Thurs.) to May 13 (Sat.)

4pm, 2017 M-F:10am-5pm (Sat:10am-4pm,Sun:Closed)

49 West 45th Street, 11th Fl. New York, NY 10036

Tel: (212) 840-6942

New York Night

Live Painting with Jazz, Part 1

 Live Painting with Jazz, Part 2

Keico Watanabe, painting + Tomoko Ohono, piano
October 27, 2016, The Place 229 in Manhattan

Keico ブログ




I finished 75 psalm paintings, half of the Psalm 150.